A new Seven Lions EP is on the horizon, and judging by its lead single, Lose Myself, it may just be his most varied and forward-thinking release yet. Departing once again from his signature dubstep to dabble with four-to-the-floor big room, the first tune off Seven Lions’ upcoming six-track The Throes Of Winter EP still contains [...]
Seven Lions feat. Lynn Gunn - Lose Myself (Original Mix) [Casablanca/Republic]
Melodic dubstep kingpin Seven Lion is back with a new single, but it’s not what you’d expect. Allow us to introduce you to Lucy. In stark contrast to his previous releases, Lucy is a hypnotic big room house cut laced with psy-trance vocal samples and dark sound effects. For those unaware, “Lucy” is a nickname for the drug LSD, and the [...]
Seven Lions - Lucy (Original Mix) [Casablanca/Republic]
When James Blake released his self-titled debut album in 2011, critics and fans alike hailed it as a triumphant progression of music in the evolving electronic landscape, a fusion of post-dubstep and neo-soul. The album saw a young producer experimenting with beats and vocals that emphasized the softness of sound to make quiet burst [...]
James Blake - I Am Sold [Republic]
James Blake - Retrograde [Republic]
James Blake - To The Last [Republic]