Eat your heart out Daft Punk–meet the new king of the light show. DP’s famous Pyramid has been challenged by Deadmau5’s killer tri-node LED monstrosity (See an example in the YouTube video below). Showing it off last Friday night in the spacious and intimate Hollywood Palladium, the young and impassioned crowd saw some of the most [...]
Deadmau5 - Where My Keys (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Excision & Downlink - Reploid (Document One Remix) [Rottun]
Erick Decks - Nasty (Zedd Vocal Remix) [cRAnK]
They’ve been on LessThan3 before, and now they’re back with a brand new EP. Canadian dubstep powerhouse Excision has teamed up (again) with fellow Canadian producer Downlink to bring you a simply destructive dubstep release. I mentioned Reploid in the first post about Excision; back then, it was just an unreleased ID track on Excision’s [...]
Excision & Downlink feat Messinian - Heavy Artillery (Original Mix) [EX7]
Excision & Downlink - Reploid (Original Mix) [EX7]