D&B tour de force Rene LaVice is readying his next EP for release on July 10 via RAM Records and LessThan3 has an exclusive premiere of one of its tracks, Bill Folderson. Bill Folderson is strictly dancefloor business, tapping into the primal nature of D&B with Rene’s signature gritty, room-filling sound. The tune is built around a [...]
Rene LaVice - Bill Folderson (Original Mix) [RAM]
Not many d&b artists had a bigger 2012 than Rene LaVice. At the beginning of last year, Rene LaVice seized the attention of the d&b massive with his indelibly nasty tune called Headlock, featured on the fifth installment of RAM’s Dimensions series. The tune was packaged alongside Cyantific’s enormous track Infinity, and was a [...]
Rene LaVice - Perfect World (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice feat Ivy Mairi - Insidious (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - This Is A Conflict (Original Mix) [RAM]
When RAM Records dropped the fifth installment of their Dimensions series, many dnb fans were pleasantly surprised by a little known producer named Rene LaVice. His track Headlock was one of the standout tunes on the EP, and subsequently catapulted the Toronto producer into the global spotlight. With only a handful of releases under [...]
Rene LaVice - Dank (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - Meow (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - Absolute Monster (Original Mix) [RAM]