On Monday, the Red Bull Music Academy revealed the complete program of the 15th edition of the music festival and conference spectacular. From April 28th to May 31st, over 230 artists from 35 different countries will play at 34 venues in New York City. Notable highlights among the diverse selection of parties, exhibitions, lectures, and [...]
Giorgio Moroder & David Tort - I Wanna Rock You (Original Mix) [Caus-N-ff-ct]
Red Bull Music Academy has launched the fourth video in its H∆SHTAG$ series, this time on the thriving beats scene, which we categorize here at LessThan3 as Indie & Beats. This mini documentary features the likes of traptastic TNGHT, the psychedelic Gaslamp Killer, and the hazy XXYYXX. Most recently, they also released videos on the [...]