Futuristic. That’s one word to describe the latest compilation from the mighty Bad Taste Recordings. Aptly named Bad Taste Volume 5, the compilation features tunes by some seriously underrated producers from all over the world. The 5th volume in the series picks up where the 4th left off–supplying a bombardment of sub-bass and [...]
Royalston - The Bearer (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]
Blokhe4d & Receptor - Bass Dust (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]
Fistognosticated - Warning (Original Mix) [Bad Taste]
Although their numbers are sparse, Russian artists hold their ground like no other in the worldwide dance music scene. Giant and Moonbeam may come to mind with their refreshing takes on the burgeoning genres of dubstep and progressive house, respectively. The Giant post mentioned a huge bass-centric event in Russia featuring [...]
Receptor - Girls (Original Mix) [Beta]
Receptor - Ass (Original Mix) [Hospital]