Berlin’s Will Rankin is a sucker for dramatic gestures. As High Rankin, he likes to play the role of Godzilla, decimating cities with blistering dubstep, violent drum & bass, and any sounds he can find that might be capable of starting fights. Now, as Rain City Riot, he’s put down his heavy artillery in order to make something a little [...]
Rain City Riot - Burning (Original Mix) [Love & Other]
Rain City Riot - Eyes Closed (Original Mix) [Love & Other]
On the heels of his huge Control EP on AC Slater’s Party Like Us Records, fledgling producer Rain City Riot has just released another white-hot EP showcasing his signature style of of house music adorned with garage ornamentation. The EP, titled Waiting For Me, represents RCR’s first release on his own Rain Maker label and features [...]
Rain City Riot - Dim (Original Mix) [Rain Maker]
Rain City Riot - Your Clothes (Original Mix) [Rain Maker]
Rain City Riot - Waiting For Me (Original Mix) [Rain Maker]