FOR PHOTOS FROM IDENTITY MOUNTAIN VIEW, CLICK HERE. FOR PHOTOS FROM IDENTITY SAN DIEGO, CLICK HERE. While many of you enjoyed Identity Festival at your local city stop, LessThan3 sent out Meshblorg and myself to get the full tour experience, stopping in 15 cities in just over four weeks. For a kid stuck in northern New Jersey most of [...]
Le Castle Vania - Play Loud (Original Mix)
Audrey Napoleon - Poison (Original Mix) [SQE]
Stephan Jacobs feat KOZA - Wander Slow (Original Mix)
“When you are an artist you have to believe in a certain voodoo: that the object you are making has a life of its own and can tell you what it needs to become.” It’s with this mentality that rising dance music darling Audrey Napoleon entered the studio to craft her new EP, Ornamental Egos, and it sure seems like she listened well. The [...]
Audrey Napoleon - B*tchy Queen (Original Mix) [SQE]
Audrey Napoleon - #mysunrise (Original Mix) [SQE]
Audrey Napoleon - Carlos Martinez (Original Mix) [SQE]
Star69 Records has something pretty special under their label–an artist by the name of Hype Jones, bringing us incredible infusions of EDM and hip hop. The beats are fresh, the samples are hot, recognizable, and well-used, and the overall energy and style of both tracks is absolutely solid. I could give you real info about this artist, [...]
Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (Hype Jones 2011 Remix)
Heavy D - Nuttin But Luv (Hype Jones 2011 Remix)