There’s no doubt that EDM is one of music’s most rapidly evolving scenes, with influential artists and sounds breaking out on a weekly basis. One of the bigger changes that seems to be happening is the acceptance of acts that drift from the cookie cutter mainstage formulas, instead incorporating a wider range of musical influences and [...]
Cappa Regime - Somebody, Somewhere [Play Me Free]
Cappa Regime - Dr. Feelgood [Play Me Free]
Greg Oerlemans aka We Bang entered the international dubstep scene this year like Kramer entered Jerry’s apartment–with no hesitation, he just flew on in. We Bang’s resume doesn’t come stacked with an abundance of career achievements…yet. The young producer from Santa Ana, California recently released his first single, Smash The Floor, a [...]
We Bang - Smash The Floor (Original Mix) [Play Me]