Alan Myson, aka Ital Tek, has developed quite a reputation on Planet Mu Records since his first LP Cyclical almost four years ago. The Brighton-based DJ and producer has become a mainstay at the mighty Planet Mu with tunes like Gonga and Midnight Colour, amassing praise from the glitch hop and downtempo communities. While working on [...]
Ital Tek - Days Illusion (Original Mix) [Atom River]
Ital Tek - The Planet (Original Mix) [Atom River]
Ital Tek - East District (Original Mix) [Atom River]
Dubstep in North America today largely revolves around the burgeoning “brostep” subgenre–a reference to the increasingly mainstream nature of productions with their hip-hop style vocals, mid-range oscillations and less of those truly sub-bass frequencies. The genre has truly grown a life of its own on this side of the pond; guys like [...]
Starkey feat Anneka - Paradise (Original Mix) [Civil]
Starkey - Multidial (Original Mix) [Planet Mu]
Starkey & Buddy Leezle feat Cerebral Vortex - Club Games (Original Mix) [Planet Mu]