Boys Noize and Pilo’s gangster-tech collab Cerebral gets a startling supercut-style official video featuring moment after moment of chaos played out on a screen a la Clockwork Orange, except our viewer seems to be watching voluntarily. The video is the work of director LIL INTERNET who, between cutting videos for Beyonce, Skrillex, [...]
Boys Noize and Pilo deliver a massive number they’re calling Cerebral, which is taken from Boys Noize’s forthcoming album using only analog equipment, Strictly Raw Vol. 1. Ever since a snippet of Cerebral graced the HARD Summer trailer, we’ve been hungry to hear the full-length final product. Delivered simply with the SoundCloud tag [...]
Boys Noize & Pilo - Cerebral (Original Mix)
Tiga Vs Boys Noize - 100 (Original Mix)