Glistening, emotive, and soulful, Lido (pictured, left) and Canblaster‘s just-released Superspeed EP presents a fresh take on the ever-growing genre of future bass. Released via Pelican Fly Records, it continues in the label’s attempts to be a leader in the genre following 2014’s I Love You EP from Lido as well as forward-thinking [...]
Lido & Canblaster - Alarm Clock (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Lido & Canblaster - Rush Hour (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Lido & Canblaster - Superspeed (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Norwegian future bass tune-smith Lido (pictured above) and similarly-styled French producer Canblaster combined forces for Rush Hour, their newest confection of a bass-driven track. Owing a lot to the twin inspirations of melodic trap and the catalog of pop producer Timbaland, the track is likely to be a spring highlight on underground [...]
Lido & Canblaster - Rush Hour (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Norwegian newcomer Lido is set to break through in a big way with the release of his debut EP next month, and today we have the privilege of sinking our teeth into Money, the young producer’s very first original track that’s seen the light of day. Lido has quickly amassed a devoted legion of fans and supporters following the release of [...]
Lido - Money (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Magnus August Høiberg is a 24-year-old from Oslo, Norway who loves cats. He also happens to be an incredibly talented producer going by the name of Cashmere Cat. In only a few months, Cashmere Cat has become one of the leading names behind the fusion of electronic music and hip hop. Part of the reason that Cashmere Cat is such a great [...]
Cashmere Cat - Aurora (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
“Summer music” is a sound that has never really been defined, but it seems like everyone knows what the term means. The new Yuksek tune Off The Wall stands as the epitome of a chillin’ summer track, with agreeable male vocals and enough musicality to not be defined purely as a club track. The perfect tune for a fun-in-the-sun montage [...]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Pelican Fly Remix) [Savoir Faire]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Cubic Zirconia Remix) [Savoir Faire]
Out this past week on Pelican Fly is a new EP from the likes of Sinjin Hawke called The Lights. Not much is known about the Montreal artist, but judging from the music, this guy is on a level of his own. The EP is eight tracks long (including an outro), and is really tight from front to back. Sinjin’s sound is somewhere between future nu [...]
Sinjin Hawke - Shadows (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Sinjin Hawke - Love Is on Your Side (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]