About a month ago, Kid Alien posted Beltek’s incredible track Par, featured on this summer’s hot trance compilation, In Search of Sunrise 8: South Africa. Par is just one of Beltek’s many amazing works that has made the Slovenian DJ one of most cutting-edge prog house/trance producers in the world. There’s a reason why he’s demanded by [...]
Beltek - Kenta (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
Jon O'Bir - Out Of Touch (Beltek Remix) [Black Hole]
Drawing off of my comrade Shmurkio’s earlier post about the new In Search of Sunrise compilation, I wanted to point out a particular track found on the new release that I have been rocking nonstop lately. Slovenian DJ/producer Beltek is probably best known for his track Army Of Two done in collaboration with Umek, but when Beltek puts [...]
Beltek - Par (Original Mix) [Black Hole]