As soon as you sit down to listen, whether at a desk, in a car, wherever, Sub Focus straps you into the cockpit of Torus and plots course for an epic journey through bass and impeccable production across a half-dozen genres. We achieve ignition and blast off to the nearby moombahton nebula with Torus, the lead-off and title track. The [...]
Sub Focus - Torus (Original Mix) [Ram]
Sub Focus - Safe In Sound (Original Mix) [Ram]
Sub Focus - Close feat. MNEK (Original Mix) [Ram]
Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Original Mix) [Ram]
After fans were sent on a creative, digital worldwide scavenger hunt for previews of his forthcoming album Torus, Sub Focus has made all 13 lengthy track previews available for streaming on his website today. Featuring a staggering mix of genres, Sub Focus’ Torus kicks off with the title track, a sizzling piece of future-moombah gold, [...]
Sub Focus feat. Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Original Mix) [RAM]
In today’s Newsbyte, we’ve got the latest big-name crossover collab, a fun game to play with Sub Focus to unveil previews of Torus, another free track from Krewella, and more. Enjoy. Seb and Otto Collab with Britney and Next up in our unending string of dance music’s finest collaborating with pop stars, former Swedish House [...]
Fall Out Boy - Alone Together (Krewella Remix)
Seemingly out of nowhere, Sub Focus has dropped his new EP Out The Blue, a remix release focused around the title track. The EP is very true to the Sub Focus that old fans will love, and has a well-rounded sound that new fans will need to know. It’s drum’n’bass the Sub Focus way–fast, exciting, and uplifting. Out The Blue itself is old [...]
Sub Focus feat Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Radio Edit) [RAM]
Sub Focus feat Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Laidback Luke Remix) [RAM]
Sub Focus feat Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Xilent Remix) [RAM]