The description of Opiuo’s latest album, Meraki, ends with a simple phrase: “long live the good times.” Opiuo’s countless followers will already know how perfectly this encapsulates his aesthetic. But for the uninitiated, Meraki is a great introduction. Admittedly, his mission to get listeners losing control of their limbs to syrupy, [...]
Opiuo - Snorkle (Original Mix) [Slurp]
Opiuo - Quack Fat (Original Mix) [Slurp]
Opiuo feat. Beats Antique - Chubby Putty (Original Mix) [Slurp]
For the past few years, Colorado producer Ben Samples has been deeply entwined in the local dance music scene. Starting as a local DJ on Colorado University Boulder’s KVCU radio station, Samples soon asserted himself as a worthy member of the Denver Bass Squad, but it hasn’t been until recently that the glitch hop phenom got the [...]
Opiuo - Monkey Crunk (ill.Gates & Samples Remix) [Empathy]
Samples - Viricapnity [Simplify]
Samples - Tourmaline [Simplify]