The brilliant Ferry Corsten is back with the fourth edition of his Once Upon A Night series, and this time he has opened the floor to an array of possibilities. Ferry has proven there are no boundaries when it comes to music. After searching high and low, the pages of Once Upon A Night have been written with music from rising talent and [...]
Ferry Corsten - Once Upon A Night 4 Teaser
With the addition of Sander van Doorn’s From Dusk Till Doorn this year, as well as Tiesto’s upcoming new mix series A New Dawn, it’s hard to imagine a month go by without a new trance compilation release. For the most part, this year’s bevy of studio mixes have been pretty solid. But with the increase in studio mixes released each year, [...]
San - Lose It All (Ibiza Sunrise Mix) [Premier]
Audien - Mind Over Matter (Original Mix) [Premier]
Rafaël Frost - We Were (Original Mix) [Premier]
Before Ferry Corsten’s newest compilation Once Upon A Night Vol. 2 released (review and interview with Ferry coming soon!), the people over at Flashover were kind enough to send us a mini-sampler of the album, and out of everything I heard, one track stood out as conspicuously exceptional–Maximum by Brazilian newcomer Klauss Goulart. [...]
Klauss Goulart - Maximum (Original Mix) [Premier]