100% Silk increase their mystique and their fanbase equally by giving Mike Morrison aka Octo Octa’s rare tour cassette a digital release. Octo Octa first caught our attention with his formidable debut 12″ Let Me See You, but sophomore effort Rough, Rugged & Raw is a strange beast–a 35-minute collection of searing house jams that somehow [...]
Octo Octa - Shower Nights (Second Chance Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - Memories (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - Tto (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
100% Silk has only been in existence a few short months, but you would be hard-pressed to find a label that has released more top quality deep and experimental EDM so far this year. Almost every release is a highlight, from Maria Minerva’s stunning Noble Savage to dark, brilliant 12″s from The Deeep, Ital and Innergaze. True to form, [...]
Octo Octa - Let Me See You (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - High Reflection (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - I'm Trying (Original Mix) [100% Silk]