Andy C’s Nightlife series has exposed the world to many burgeoning producers over the last decade; those lucky enough to get their tunes on the Executioner’s seminal mix usually receive a serious spike in recognition. Until Nightlife 5, London graffiti artist Tyke received little attention for his releases across various labels, [...]
Tyke - Alien (Original Mix) [Grid]
Tyke - Nightmares (Original Mix) [Grid]
Tyke - The Number (Original Mix) [Grid]
The mighty RAM Records (stylized logo above) has decided to bless drum’n’bass fans with an end-of-year collection of their biggest tunes from 2011. All year long the label has indulged ravers with d’n’b hotness, but now the good folks at RAM have decided to compile all of the standouts from 2011 in one polished package entitled Ram [...]
Wilkinson - Every Time (Original Mix) [RAM]
Mind Vortex - Onslaught (Original Mix) [RAM]
Culture Shock - Protection (Original Mix) [RAM]