The brotherly twosome who brought you 2013’s massive single Flute is back with their next big room behemoth disguised as a household object in Spoon, and LessThan3 has the exclusive first listen. Australia’s New World Sound followed up their last single, Pineapple, with something to eat it with, obviously. True to its purpose, Spoon [...]
New World Sound - Spoon (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
It’s just one of those f*cking days, man. You know, the one wherein your bad mood, kicked off by your unreasonable father, is worsened by your bike inexplicably falling to pieces, and you simply attract things like buckets of water and grief from your boss from all directions. You know what you need? A little Flute. The brand new video [...]
New World Sound, the brainchild of brothers Jesse and Tyrone Taylor, are turning heads with their exceptional new single Aye, a boundary-pushing progressive titan, out now on LE7ELS. Centered on a ground-breaking electronic guitar riff, Aye is a tailor-made festival giant that’ll have your feet moving and fists pumping for five golden [...]
New World Sound - Aye (Original Mix) [LE7ELS]
New World Sound - Bantam (Original Mix) [In Charge]