It’s time for a new episode of The Rinse, where we profile the best new drum & bass of the week. This week’s episode showcases some synapse-sizzling neurofunk from Phace, a guttural roller from Friction & Technimatic, and a jump-up heater from Serum. We also dive into RAM’s titanic RAMiami Drum & Bass 2015 for a second straight week, [...]
Culture Shock feat. Bryn Christopher - City Lights (Original Mix) [RAM]
Friction & Technimatic - Floating Frames (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Loadstar - Under Pressure VIP (Original Mix) [RAM]
Serum - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Original Mix) [Low Down Deep]
Phace - Digital Diet (Original Mix) [Neosignal]
Neosignal’s coveted LP Raum und Zeit surprised many of the group’s fans last year with its sub-175 BPM tempo and multi-genre construction. The German duo covered much ground on their genre-defying opus, creating a patchwork of various styles of bass while never coming within 50 beats per minute of their usual D&B tempo. Now, two [...]
Neosignal - 1000 Volt (Original Mix) [Division Recordings]
Neosignal - 1000 Volt (Posij Remix) [Division Recordings]
Neosignal - 1000 Volt (BeatauCue Remix) [Division Recordings]
It was an unprecedented year for drum & bass, with what seemed to be a landslide of LPs from the scene’s top producers. From Camo & Krooked and Dirtyphonics to J Majik & Wickaman and ShockOne, the year was filled with an endless supply of quality LPs of every sub-genre. 2013 also saw rising producers like NickBee, Joe Ford, and Mefjus [...]
Rusko - Murda Sound (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Bassnectar & Excision - Put It Down (Original Mix) [Destroid Music]
I See Monstas - Evolution (Radio Edit) [Polydor]
Fourward - Streetknowledge (Original Mix) [AudioPorn]
Fred V & Grafix - Basilisk (Original Mix) [Hospital]
Black Sun Empire - Arrakis (Noisia Remix) [Blackout Music NL]
Dirtyphonics - Prelude (Black) (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
ShockOne - Harmonize (Original Mix) [Viper]
Rudimental feat. Foxes - Right Here (Andy C Remix) [Asylum]
Makoto feat. Christian Urich - Girl I'm Running Back 2 U (Random Movement Remix) [Human Elements]
Matrix & Futurebound feat. Max Marshall - Control (Original Mix) [Viper]
Wilkinson - Afterglow (Original Mix) [RAM]
Loadstar - Lancelot (Original Mix) [RAM]
Neosignal - Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) [Division]
Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre - Waiting All Night (Original Mix) [Asylum]
Neosignal (aka Phace & Misanthrop) have made a very bold decision with their debut album Raum Und Zeit: at the risk of alienating their fans, the duo has crafted a piece of art very different from anything they have previously produced, almost to a fault. The first glimpse into Raum Und Zeit came one month ago with the gratifyingly [...]
Neosignal - Kein Signal (Original Mix) [Division]
Neosignal - Kosmos (Original Mix) [Division]
Neosignal - Sequenz (Original Mix) [Division]
How many people can say they’ve stepped behind the decks at the renowned London nightclub Fabric? How many of those people can say they’ve done it before turning twenty years old? This is the case for Halifax, UK resident Conor Corrigan, known to the drum & bass massive as rising producer Emperor. With his big release Avenger on Titan [...]
Emperor - The Fire (Original Mix) [Neodigital]
Emperor - Smokescreen (Original Mix) [Neodigital]
London-based drum & bass producer Rockwell (pictured) has alluded to his desire to explore new territory with his songwriting. His admitted affinity for hardcore punk and hip hop delivered him unto drum & bass years ago, but his ever growing musical palette is influencing his production style and the results have finally surfaced. [...]
Rockwell feat Kito feat Sam Frank - Childhood Memories (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Rockwell feat Kito feat Sam Frank - Childhood Memories (Neosignal Remix) [Shogun Audio]
Rockwell feat Kito feat Sam Frank - Childhood Memories (Metrik Remix) [Shogun Audio]
It’s not often that a tune manages to break new ground in this heavily saturated arena of electronic dance music. What’s Wrong by Phace (whom we recently interviewed) & Misanthrop is such a tune, delivering a highly unique sound that will leave most club PAs smoking. The EP containing the track, released by the duo’s own imprint [...]
Phace & Misanthrop - What's Wrong (Original Mix) [Neosignal]
Phace & Spor - Out of Focus (Original Mix) [Neosignal]
German drum’n’bass DJ/producer Florian Harres, aka Phace, has been in the dnb game for almost the entirety of the genre’s life, and has his feet still firmly planted in that territory. He spoke to LT3 about his Neosignal label, his relationship with Noisia, and the changing game of DJing.
Phace - Teufelswerk [Neosignal]