Glitch hop’s leading lady ill-esha is set to drop a new album called Altitude Sickness on Muti, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere and download of lead single Oxytocin right here for ya! ill-esha may well be one of the most talented artists in electronic music, as she is a DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter–don’t come across those [...]
ill-esha - Oxytocin [Muti]
SexyTime is a bass duo comprised of California’s bay area killer MiM0SA and prominent Brooklyn downtempo artist Sleepyhead. Apart, each one strongly represents a thriving music scene. When they come together, their sound takes a little bit of east coast flare, a little bit of west coast flare, and creates this lucid sub-bass driven [...]
SexyTime - Always On My Mind (Original Mix) [False Idol Musik]
SexyTime - Inamorata (Original Mix) [False Idol Musik]
SexyTime - Lights In The Night (Original Mix) [Muti]
Ever since I moved to San Francisco, I’ve dove headfirst into the city’s offerings of local wubs, and I’ve found that Silicon Valley is no slouch when it comes to world-class electronic talent. SF’s An-Ten-Nae and his acid crunk crew are among the most prominent wub warriors in the city. With a penchant for sick live performances and a [...]
Dubvirus - Music (Original Mix) [Muti]
The Source feat Soom T - What Have I Done (An-Ten-Nae Remix) [Muti]
FreQ Nasty - 1000 Buddhas of the Pureland of Bass (FreQ Nasty's Moombahton Relick) [Muti]
When titans drop tracks, the whole world listens. ill.Gates is no newcomer, and when it comes to standing on the shoulders of EDM giants, there are no better shoulders to plant your feet on than those of the the Illest of the Ill–Mr. Gates. He’s been in the game for a hot minute, and is one of the driving forces behind his scene, as well [...]
ill.Gates & Datsik - Eviction [Muti]
ill.Gates & Samples - Crystal Math [Muti]
ill.Gates & MiM0SA - Never Alone [Muti]
In EDM, big names carry a heavy burden. Heavy-hitting artists have expectations to fulfill. Not just for fans, but for critics too–and most of all, for themselves. Big names owe it to themselves and to the EDM community in general to keep pumping out fire, to keep pushing the envelope: to put it bluntly, they had better deliver. 143 is a [...]
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light - That's So Cali [Muti]
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light feat Naada - Sound Da Bass [Muti]
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light feat Delvo - The One [Muti]
Like Godzilla stomping toward your city, you can practically feel the bass a mile away. I’m in upstate New York right now, and I certainly feel the bass rattling the air all the way from from Canada–that’s home for Knight Riderz, a duo pumping booming glitch hop beats out of America’s syrupy hat. Their sound would fit in well in a Mimosa [...]
Knight Riderz - Reign in the Clouds [Muti]
Knight Riderz - Collective Consciousness [Muti]
Knight Riderz - Brain Explosion [Muti]
Knowa Knowone is one glitch hop artist whose name is somewhat of a misnomer; this is a name you should know. I guess he was going for Nobody like Ulysses in The Odyssey, because he kills it. He’s been around the scene so long, you might call him one of the seed-sowers of glitch hop. He got his start back in the genre’s initial heyday and [...]
Knowa Knowone - The Quari [Muti]
Knowa Knowone - The Quari (Quade Remix) [Muti]
Knowa Knowone - Ra (The Sun) [Muti]
London-based producer Son of Kick is not playing around, as the onslaught of bass in his tracks will tell you. His genre has been dubbed “psychostep,” which I think is pretty appropriate, especially for his upcoming Muti Music release Playing the Villain. I’d brace myself before listening, if I were you. Anyhoo, “psychostep” sounds [...]
Son of Kick - Playing the Villain (Original Mix) [Muti]
Popular alcoholic drink the “mimosa” takes its name from a bright tropical flower; if this very same flower produced dubstep, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounded a lot like DJ Mimosa himself. A lot of current dubstep is very balls to the wall; a captivating melody here, a bassy drop there. A lot of west coast dubstep, however, is [...]
MiM0SA - 58 Degrees
MiM0SA - Get 'Em [Muti]
When I was first introduced to dubstep way back when, I was actually told that it was heavily reggae-influenced, which is not something you hear as much these days now that the genre has kind of sucked in every other genre around it like a musical sponge. Nevertheless, Caribbean sounds still frequently show up in dubstep-land, and this [...]
FreQ Nasty - Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit) [Muti]
FreQ Nasty - Drum Play [Muti]
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