Mr. Bill’s latest release, IRL, may be his most emotive album yet. Don’t fret, party people–this is still danceable glitch-funk through and through, packed with Mr. Bill’s signature swing rhythms, finger snaps, beeps, and bloops. There’s no indication that he isn’t making these songs in a bounce-house, bunny hopping with his laptop in [...]
Mr. Bill - Use Me [SectionZ]
Mr. Bill - Peaceful Beginnings [SectionZ]
Mr. Bill & VideoCat - Rusty Wonderland [SectionZ]
Mr. Bill is a machine. Between constant touring, extensive online Ableton Live tutorials, collaborating with every underground glitch hop producer under the sun, and staying in touch with his fans on Facebook, he’s finally decided to be sensible with his workload–and make another album (presumably while all other obligations, [...]
Mr. Bill - The Enabler & The Enabled [Section Z]