Once again, another disgustingly good hit has arrived on Tim Healey’s rising label Surfer Rosa, and we are stoked to tell you about it. With a sincere appreciation for dubstep’s filthy nature, two seriously dirty maggot-munchers from Brazil known to the authorities as Dirtyloud cranked out a brutalizing remix of Tim Healey and [...]
Tim Healey vs Calvertron - Rock It Roll It (Dirtyloud Remix) [Surfer Rosa]
When Will Bailey of the UK (pictured) and US artist Figure decided to collaborate, I could hardly guess the kind of bassline destruction I was in for. Their hot new track, Move, really has no subtle intentions. It’s raw with nothing more than a single fidgeted vocal line, frenzied break beats, and a filthy bassline. You know what’s [...]
Will Bailey & Figure - Move (Drumstep Remix)
Between touring, producing, and managing his own record labels, UK-based Tim Healey is a self-proclaimed freak. With over fifteen years of production under his belt, there’s no mystery as to why Healey’s productions are top tier. Tim flaunts his ability to pick up a new style and finely tune it to meet his standards in his recent track [...]
Tim Healey & Felguk - Score (Original Mix) [Surfer Rosa]
Tim Healey - Move (Dirtyloud Remix) [Taste/d Music]