Raise your hand if you knew dirtybird had a sister label? Yep, the deeper Mothership is a Claude VonStroke project, one that charitably donates all profits to a children’s music school in Detroit. After an 11-month hiatus, the label is back with Voeyage, the stunning debut release from German producer Rico Puestel. Rico’s fingers must [...]
Rico Puestel - Voeyage (Original Mix) [Mothership]
Rico Puestel - Plumb The Depths (Original Mix) [Mothership]
Author is the self-titled debut album from Leeds’ Jack Sparrow and London’s Ruckspin, a pair of UK dubstep stalwarts who share a love of nerve-jangling rhythms and quivering LFO. Their collaborations in the past have been high-voltage, frantic affairs, so you’d be forgiven for thinking a full-length album would likely feature more of the [...]
Author - Fix (Original Mix) [Tectonic]
- Mothership (Original Mix) [Tectonic]
- Fix (Original Mix) [Tectonic]
- Turn (Original Mix) [Tectonic]
Author feat Ed Thomas - Turn (Original Mix) [Tectonic]
Author - Mothership (Original Mix) [Tectonic]