You occasionally hear people complaining that trance “isn’t what it used to be”, but a quick browse through Beatport normally proves very wrong. Not only are decent uplifting trance records still being released every week, we’re also treated to a gem every once in a while–a true modern classic that makes you wonder why trance isn’t [...]
Lee Osborne - Rise (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
British producer John Newall makes it three in a row on Monster Digital with his latest release, Backbiter. Much like Monster, Newall has been a shining light in the trance scene of late, with a sublime take on uplifting that is bang-up-to-date while still retaining the classic sound the genre is loved for. Backbiter is certainly no [...]
John Newall - Backbiter (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
There’s something rather comforting about the “underground” trance scene. It’s always familiar, yet there are always new and old faces, but the consistency is what makes it stand out. No where is this more true of late than labels like Monster Digital and producers like Allen Watts. There’s little information about him online, but there [...]
Allen Watts - Blackout (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
Hang around on the internet long enough, and you’ll quickly come to a very solid conclusion: trance is a shadow of its former self. Even if you’ve been searching for next season’s fashion trends or how to change the oil filter on your car, someone will pop up in the comments to tell you “trance isn’t what it used to be.” Flying in the [...]
Mike Van Fabio & Alex Van Reeve - Skyliner (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
Over the past few years, there’s been a creeping influence of old school psytrance at the harder end of the trance spectrum. There’s something quite special about a banging 140bpm track full of mental synth and acid lines–it somehow captures the same feeling as a big uplifting riff without the melody. It’s a skill that is hard to [...]
Harmonic Rush - Salvia (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
Hunt around the depths of the internet and you’ll find discussion boards, social media comments and even musicians themselves waxing-lyrical about the “death” of a given genre. It pre-dates the internet and has happened throughout the history of popular music, but dance music is oddly resilient. House reigns supreme, techno still remains [...]
Danny Young - Fly Away (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
Who is Angry Man? Aside from presumably having temper problems, there are no real clues to the identity of this artist, who debuted earlier this year with a release on Perfecto Fluoro. His Discogs page merely suggests that he’s a “hard/tech trance/acid producer” from the UK, his Twitter only has a handful of tweets—all telling people [...]
Angry Man - Tyrant (Original Mix) [Monster Tunes]
Angry Man - Tyrant (Angry Acid Mix) [Monster Tunes]