Lovers of pure, sexy house music everywhere are obsessing over Maya Jane Coles’ newest release for the DJ-Kicks compilation series. Coles, who broke out on the scene last year, has enjoyed a nonstop rise to stardom in the EDM realm, and this latest entry demonstrates just why she’s gotten so much attention. Maya’s selection is [...]
Kiki & Marco Resmann - Beggin' For The Heat (Original Mix) [!K7]
Urulu - No Need (Original Mix) [!K7]
Chasing Kurt - Money (Original Mix) [!K7]
Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening (Original Mix) [!K7]
Nocturnal Sunshine - Meant To Be (Original Mix) [!K7]
Adana Twins - Strange (Original Mix) [!K7]
Nick Edwards is Drivepilot, trash electro producer and label owner that likes to go a little harder than your typical electro act. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, currently based in Portland in the U.S. of A, Drivepilot boasts a large number of tracks under his belt, releasing primarily on his own label, Traction Records. No stranger to [...]
Drivepilot - Money (Original Mix)
The Mastertrons - Attack the Train (Drivepilot Remix) [Shake Your Ass]
The American Dream Team is a Brooklyn founded EDM duo comprised of DJ Code-D and Dan Savage. According to their MySpace, their music is best described as “the heaviest sound in jump-up ghettotech big room electro disco house mixing turntablism with top-notch production”. Forget trying to comprehend all of that and just trust me when I [...]
The American Dream Team - My Boo (Original Mix) [Nervous]