It may not be news to a young generation of musicians and fans that digital music is the new standard, while physical music is on the decline. Despite all this, it comes as a pleasant surprise that vinyl sales last year hit $177 million, their highest level since 1997. What better way to celebrate than by heading over to your favorite [...]
Kavinsky feat. Lovefoxx - Nightcall (Original Mix) [Mondo]
Junior Boys - You'll Improve Me (Caribou Remix) [Domino]
Pulp - After You (Original Mix) [Rough Trade]
Once upon a ride home, Kid Alien and I were listening to some tunes, when I switched tracks and said “you gotta listen to this one.” The track was Des McMahon’s Rainmaker. After listening, Kid Alien was kinda like “WTF?!” I have to give props to this Philly native; Des McMahon hit the trance scene swinging with this heart attacking [...]
Santerna - Fraction Blaze (Des McMahon Remix) [Mondo]
Des McMahon - Rainmaker (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]