A 22-year-old producer from Los Angeles, Paris Blohm has already gained support from some of the world’s biggest DJs including Dutch powerhouses Tiesto and Hardwell. His latest big room production, titled Miracle, features Matt Morris on vocals and is yet another beautifully orchestrated festival production that is capable of inducing a [...]
Paris Blohm feat. Matt Morris - Miracle (Original Mix)
Stefen Auer of Vienna lives and breathes music. After all, he does reside in the same place where Mozart produced his finest symphonies. Initially a pianist, Auer started producing electronic music at the ripe age of 14, giving him to date a little over a decade of experience. Rawrberry is his personal alias, and as a working musician he [...]
Rawrberry Feat. Chaz Mckinney - Miracle (Original Mix) [Bugeyed]
Rawrberry - The Tavern (Original Mix) [Bugeyed]
Rawrberry - Epiphany (Original Mix) [Bugeyed]