Did you know marijuana use has been linked to memory loss? The only reason we ask is because we totally had a reason for doing this… just can’t remember now. Sooo, for no other reason at all apparently, here are electronic music’s most toasted Tweets from the top tokers in the game. BTW, did you know that marijuana use has been linked to [...]
MiMoSA helped fans to a heaping pile of free future-trap today with his latest experiment in testing the limits of turning up, titled Event Horizon. The 140-BPM specimen is a beastly bass monster with abrasive synth and a largely four-four time signature that only fades away momentarily, removing it from the realm of everyday trap music [...]
MiMoSA - Event Horizon (Original Mix)
Welcome to the first edition of LessThan3’s Replay, an article containing the very best posts from the past few weeks including exclusive interviews, new music and staff favorites. Aside from our usual postings and insights, the LT3 crew has been working especially hard lately to bring you event coverage from around the country. Artwurk [...]
Tigran Mimosa has taken the bassy sound filling the EDM airwaves & turned it into a style all his own, thrilling audiences from Camp Bisco to Electric Forest. We spoke with Tigran at Outside Lands about his upcoming album, his Sexytime project, & some of his production secrets.
JMSN - Girl (I Used To Know) (MiM0SA Remix)
SexyTime is a bass duo comprised of California’s bay area killer MiM0SA and prominent Brooklyn downtempo artist Sleepyhead. Apart, each one strongly represents a thriving music scene. When they come together, their sound takes a little bit of east coast flare, a little bit of west coast flare, and creates this lucid sub-bass driven [...]
SexyTime - Always On My Mind (Original Mix) [False Idol Musik]
SexyTime - Inamorata (Original Mix) [False Idol Musik]
SexyTime - Lights In The Night (Original Mix) [Muti]
MiM0SA’s got a sexy new remix for all of you hip hop fans out there. Jay-Z and Kanye West have been drawing a lot of heat (what else is new?) for recent hit N*ggas in Paris, as you probably know. What you may not have known was that good ole DJ MiM0SA has just been biding his time, waiting to drop a remix on us. It does that track [...]
Jay-Z & Kanye West - N*ggas In Paris (MiM0SA Remix)
The prince of downtempo and dirty drops, Mimosa, has a new gospel of tunes for our eagerly awaiting ears. Sanctuary is a spicy new collection of tracks to seed your EDM shufflepod with. On Sanctuary, Mimosa’s changed up his sound a little bit. His fun downtempo dubstep vibe is still ever present, but one might liken some of the tracks on [...]
MiM0SA - Night Terrors [False Idol Musik]
MiM0SA - Sanctuary [False Idol Musik]
MiM0SA - Starseed [False Idol Musik]
When titans drop tracks, the whole world listens. ill.Gates is no newcomer, and when it comes to standing on the shoulders of EDM giants, there are no better shoulders to plant your feet on than those of the the Illest of the Ill–Mr. Gates. He’s been in the game for a hot minute, and is one of the driving forces behind his scene, as well [...]
ill.Gates & Datsik - Eviction [Muti]
ill.Gates & Samples - Crystal Math [Muti]
ill.Gates & MiM0SA - Never Alone [Muti]
New York City is preparing for the third installment of Made Event’s Electric Zoo Festival, and a horde of EDM fans are giddy with excitement. Boasting one of the most diverse lineups of any festival, EZ promises to be one of the biggest EDM events of the year. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect on Labor Day Weekend.
audio_value: MiM0SA - Delirium [Full Melt]
Tilt - The World Doesn't Know (Arty Remix) [Lost Language]
Crookers - Dr. Gonzo Anthem (Original Mix) [Southern Fried]
Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth - Alive (Original Mix) [Phazing]
EDX - Angry Heart (Dub Mix) [PinkStar]
Like Godzilla stomping toward your city, you can practically feel the bass a mile away. I’m in upstate New York right now, and I certainly feel the bass rattling the air all the way from from Canada–that’s home for Knight Riderz, a duo pumping booming glitch hop beats out of America’s syrupy hat. Their sound would fit in well in a Mimosa [...]
Knight Riderz - Reign in the Clouds [Muti]
Knight Riderz - Collective Consciousness [Muti]
Knight Riderz - Brain Explosion [Muti]
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