Electro fans went ape last year for the brilliant sounds of Mord Fustang, the mysterious producer who has seen a meteoric rise with hits like Lick The Rainbow, The Electric Dream, and most recently, We Are Now Connected. His style boasts an incredible fusion of uplifting melodies and pulverizing basslines that has taken his music to the [...]
Morgan Page & Sultan & Ned Shepard feat Angela McCluskey - In The Air (Mord Fustang Remix) [Nettwerk]
Joe Garston - The Promise (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
Virtu - Elixir (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
Electro producer Miles Dyson–not the character from Terminator 2–is one of more than a few Plasmapool artists who are rocking their productions lately. The veteran star’s got himself some recent remixes that fit nicely in the banger department. Though he’s known as the “CEO of House” for building Plasmapool from the ground up, Dyson’s [...]
Fussy Boy - Prude (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit) [NOIZE]
Virtu - Arsenal (Miles Dyson Breakfest Edit) [NOIZE]
With literally thousands of fresh new faces and sounds worth checking out in the EDM world these days, it’s obvious that the standard for what sounds are fresh and what is hip continues to grow. With that being said, one can only imagine how hard it must be to really set yourself apart in the uppermost tier of producers. While countless [...]
Mord Fustang - The Electric Dream (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
Been hankering for some dirty electro? Miles Dyson at your service with his new track I-tune, a dance-off between old school disco-era strings and grindy electro synths. Getting started quickly, at about the one-minute mark you’ll be thrust into some nostalgia right before the first destructive drop. I think you’ll agree it throws you [...]
Miles Dyson - I-tune (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
Although DJ/producer Bruno Barudi has effectively shaken the foundations of clubs and festivals in his home country of Brazil, his prowess has yet to be scene on the worldwide scale. His productions are valued for being not only being clean catchy tunes, but for seamlessly combining so many elements from various electronic genres. [...]
Bruno Barudi & Victor Ruiz - Smart And Clever (Miles Dyson DJ-Friendly Re-Arrangement) [Plasmapool]
Bruno Barudi - Lifestyle (Original Mix) [EXX]
If you’ve enjoyed the recent influx of dirty electro house from names like Uppermost and Miles Dyson that I’ve posted in previous weeks, you’re quite likely to go nuts over Aaren San’s Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix). Just as both artists on this track are on fire, the label they happen to be signed onto, Plasmapool records, is really [...]
Aaren San - Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix) [Plasmapool]
Deemed one of the fastest rising electro-house producers in the world, Miles Dyson has wasted no time in making the international EDM scene his bitch. He currently heads not one, not two, but twelve music labels, including Plasmapool records. His dominating beats and original basslines make this man a force to be reckoned with. Don’t [...]
The Soulbrothers - 21st Century Disco Shit (Miles Dyson Remix)