Luke Da Duke has brought us another moombahton track to shake our asses to. His last moombah remix of What’s Happenin’ is still fresh news, but the Duke is back with a double whammy. LDD’s track of choice to remix this time was Lucky Date and Midnight Conspiracy’s Veyron. The thick synth in the drop with its slight tremor is quite the [...]
Lucky Date & Midnight Conspiracy - Veyron (Luke Da Duke Remix) [LessThan3]
Jake Carpenter, aka The Chaotic Good, is one of the fastest rising names in EDM thanks to his unique breakbeat sound that combines dubstep, house, & electro. In our interview, Jake talks about his unique style, “the robot,” & the next genre that he thinks will become popular.
Midnight Conspiracy - Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix) [Killpop]
Well, the Chicago Killpop Records hooligans are at it again. San Fransisco native and Chicago based producer Lucky Date and Chicago favorites Midnight Conspiracy have teamed up to make something surprisingly different. Both usually being electro producers, the team has created a trippy dubstep anthem by the name of Veyron. According to [...]
Lucky Date & Midnight Conspiracy - Veyron (Night Version) [Killpop]
The electro-death group known only as Midnight Conspiracy has been nice enough to send us some of their most bangin’ tunes. Just in case you were wondering, their performance resume includes Chicago’s North Coast Festival as well as everyone’s favorite, HARD Fest. So what can you expect from the Chicago-based group? A lot of thrashing [...]
Innerpartysystem - And Together (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) [Red Bull]
Moneypenny - Destroy (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) [Invisibles]