I’m always astounded by the production quality of French producer Tristan Garner; we hailed him enormously last year for his tribal banger Raven, easily one of the hardest big room tracks ever produced. This year he blew us away again with a pounding remix with Gregori Klosman of Spectrum by Zedd. Returning with that same level of fury, [...]
Tristan Garner - Meteor (Original Mix) [Xtra Life]
Tristan Garner - Sloan (Original Mix) [Xtra Life]
Tristan Garner - Digital Rocker (Original Mix) [Xtra Life]
Is this the same Fast Distance who delivered Alpine just a little bit earlier this summer? The Belgian producer has taken a detour from his well-worn uplifting niche and, with Ys/Meteor, landed in the kind of proggy territory that’s well-suited to Air Up There, Tritonal’s sublabel home on Enhanced. Ys is a solid track that sounds as if [...]
Fast Distance - Meteor (Original Mix) [Air Up There]
Fast Distance - Ys (Original Mix) [Air Up There]