Two of Los Angeles’ most legendary music outfits collide in The Glitch Mob‘s official remix of Metallica’s Lords Of Summer, available now as a free download. edIT, Boreta, and Ooah (pictured, left to right) of LA’s veteran bass trio treat fellow Californians Metallica and their monstrous 2014 return track to a blistering blend of rock [...]
Metallica - Lords Of Summer (The Glitch Mob Remix) [Free Download]
Alright, time for a mashup of epic proportions. We’ve got Queen, Metallica, Bassnectar, and Shaun Boothe. Mhm–that covers classic and hard rock, dubstep, and rap. How in the hell could anybody combine so much music and still make it sound good? I’ll be honest with you–I have no idea how this turned out as well as it did, but damn. [...]
Bassnectar vs Shaun Boothe - Poor Boy (Stylust Beats Mashup)
Mattafix - Big City Life (Stylust Beats Remix)