When RAM Records dropped the fifth installment of their Dimensions series, many dnb fans were pleasantly surprised by a little known producer named Rene LaVice. His track Headlock was one of the standout tunes on the EP, and subsequently catapulted the Toronto producer into the global spotlight. With only a handful of releases under [...]
Rene LaVice - Dank (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - Meow (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - Absolute Monster (Original Mix) [RAM]
What does your head feel like right now? If you replied “normal,” you must not have heard of MalLabel. The San Francisco-based label, self-described as an “underground bass movement,” recently released their first compilation album, and I have to say: Saucerface is legit! Just looking at the album cover, you get the feeling that the [...]
Minnesota - Meow (Original Mix) [MalLabel]
Dr. Knobz - Bass Goblins (Original Mix) [MalLabel]
Helicopter Showdown - Get Tuff (Skulltrane & Fresh Young Minds Remix) [MalLabel]