The US Drug Enforcement Administration has given permission to a psychiatrist in San Francisco to begin using MDMA-assisted treatment. Dr. Philip Wolfson will administer the popular party drug to 18 patients in an attempt to reduce anxiety disorders in people with cancer and other serious, life-threatening diseases. Wolfson says that [...]
The world’s first ecstasy shop is set to open in Amsterdam on Monday, as Dutch political group The Young Democrats–also known as D66–aim to incite discussion about the drug. Although it has since been revealed that the pills handed out will be placebos, the message the group wishes to get across is still gaining plenty of attention. [...]
The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has approved the first clinical trial of MDMA being used to treat patients with debilitating anxiety due to terminal illness, highlighting a changing attitude toward using psychedelic drug therapy on those with severe nervous disorders. Communications Director Brad Burge at the [...]