Skrillex-beloved mystery man Marshmello continues to remain a name without a face and a producer responsible for a slew of top-tier and freely available music. His latest track is BoUnCE, which in bearing a piano that does just that on top of a stabbing trap-style bassline is a track as ready for radio as it is your local nightclub. If [...]
Marshmello - BoUnCE (Original Mix) [Free Download]
The mysterious Marshmello returns with HoMe, a squelching, sonrous, minor key synth-led festival trap production. Packing a little bit more in the form of an attempt at classic pop musicality, if there were ever a sub-genre known as “saccharine bangers,” this would fit the billing. The key to excellence in this track is that it does not [...]
Marshmello - HoMe (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Everyone’s favorite fluffy white mystery maker of melodic future bass, Marshmello, enlisted the musical talents of his Mellogang today, whom he tasked with submitting and voting upon the vocal for his next release. INvinCibLe delivers on its titular sensation with a lofty synth lead that dominates the euphoric, snap-happy future R&B [...]
Marshmello - INvinCibLe (Instrumental Mix)
Marshmello’s latest track Know Me at least suggests that the most-known unknown producer of the moment has a good sense of humor about Skrillex possibly revealing his identity to Yahoo’s Katie Couric. But mystery or no mystery, Marshmello is a name on the rise. ​ Future bass grooves and swinging trap breaks define the enigmatic act’s [...]
Marshmello - KnOw ME (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Skrillex and Diplo’s collaborative Jack U smash Where Are U Now featuring Justin Bieber gets an official remix package featuring new takes by Kaskade, Rustie, and Marshmello, in addition to the popular Ember Island cover. Kaskade leads things off with a house take that should please fans of his latest club-ready original, Never Sleep [...]
Jack U feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now (Kaskade Remix) [OWSLA/Mad Decent]
Jack U feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now (Rustie Remix) [OWSLA/Mad Decent]
Jack U feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now (Marshmello Remix) [OWSLA/Mad Decent]
Zedd’s Selena Gomez-assisted electro-pop hit I Want You To Know has been remixed into what could be best described as a fluffy electro-trap banger by the mysterious Marshmello. ​ Marshmello replaces zipping synths and a thumping bassline with half-time breaks that don’t crunch or clap as much as they shimmer, freeze, and pop. Making an [...]
Zedd feat. Selena Gomez - I Want U To Know (Marshmello Remix) [Free Download]
2015 continues to be the year of the mysterious DJ, and thus far, one name that stands out among the rest is Marshmello, who returns with a new original, ShOw YoU. The latest from the fluffy, spongy musician is a sugar-sweet mixture of melodic trap that is as irresistible as the Rice Krispies squares I used to shove in my face as a [...]
Marshmello - ShOw YoU (Original Mix) [Free Download]