Newly crowned prince of Norwegian tropical house Bearson releases his second original track to date, the euphoric Imposter featuring vocals from Mark Johns of Moving Castles fame. Teenage producer Bearson has made a name for himself with a slew of tropically-infused remixes over the last year, and his enchanting sound clearly translates [...]
Bearson feat. Mark Johns - Imposter (Original Mix) [Next Wave]
Mark Johns (pictured), a misleading name for the up-and-coming female singer, balled so hard In Paris, her cover of Jay Z and Kanye West’s track N***a’s In Paris, that mother f****ers wanna fine her. Produced by Australian beatmaker Sable, In Paris is virtually unrecognizable from the original hip hop anthem. Johns’ dream-like vocals [...]
Mark Johns - In Paris (Prod. By Sable) [Free Download]