This month, acid house lovers are graced with another of many great works coming out of Paris this year, namely Bobmo’s new EP on his home label, Marble Music. Sonic Soul is comprised of three colorful soundscapes, each with their own intriguing backstories that can be read about in detail on SoundCloud. But those who like to get right [...]
Bobmo - Sonic Soul (Original Mix) [Marble]
Bobmo - Werk It (Original Mix) [Marble]
Bobmo - Hot Spot (Original Mix) [Marble]
Marble Records head honcho Para One just dropped a stunning full-length on the label called Passion (partial album artwork above). The album marks the Frenchman’s first album release on Marble, and thus comes with a humongous wave of hype for lovers of the label’s forward-thinking style of production. The result? Well, to say that it [...]
Para One feat Teki Latex feat Irfane - Every Little Thing (Original Mix) [Marble]
Para One - Sigmund (Original Mix) [Marble]
Para One - The Talking Drums (Original Mix) [Marble]
I caught wind of Para One a few years ago with his remix of Boys Noize’s Jeffer. Since then I’ve watched the French producer move through the ranks of prog house and tech-influenced electro, standing out all the while. His latest release is another dip into the unforeseen–a new “glitch-lounge” composition titled Lean On Me. Simple yet [...]
Para One feat Teki Latex - Lean On Me (Original Mix) [Marble]
Para One feat Teki Latex - Lean On Me (Salva Remix) [Marble]
Para One - Nevrosis (Original Mix) [BNR Trax]
As the days become longer and longer, the cold months of winter are becoming smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. EDM fans will soon be sweating from the suffocating heat as they pack events during the scene’s busiest season. With summer comes the tunes that epitomize the electricity in the air during this great time of rooftop [...]
Surkin feat Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix) [Marble]
Surkin feat Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Radio Mix) [Marble]
Surkin feat Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix) [Marble]
Today marks the continuation of my infatuation with one of my favorite labels, Marble. If you’ve been following my past posts on said label, then you know that they’ve been absolutely killing it with every single one of their releases. Today’s release shares the same polished, forward-thinking qualities evidenced by the label’s previous [...]
Para One - Mother (Original Mix) [Marble]
Para One - Mother (Mr. Oizo Remix) [Marble]
Para One feat Surkin - Compute (Original Mix) [Marble]
I just can’t stop posting about one of my favorite labels at the moment, Marble. I don’t know if it’s because I’m going through a techno and minimal binge, but I’m sure it has something to do with the quality of every single release coming out of that label. So, when their most recent at-bat, Surkin, released his new EP, it just wouldn’t [...]
Surkin - Orbital Motorway (Original Mix) [Marble]
Surkin - Orbital Motorway (Voodoo Mix) [Marble]
Surkin - Ultra Light (Original Mix) [Marble]
The most recent release on one of my favorite labels, Marble, is once again proving that the label has some serious talent. Their newest entry into the world of minimal techno comes via Paris’ Sam Tiba (pictured above, right). Sam steps up to the plate with a collections of three hard-hitting tracks off his new Black Eyed Weed EP. If you [...]
Sam Tiba - 420 (Original Mix) [Marble]
Sam Tiba feat Canblaster - Trick Trick (Original Mix) [Marble]
Sam Tiba - Zig Zag (Original Mix) [Marble]
The boys over at Marble Records are doing it right with their brand of funky, minimal house. With artists like Das Glow (pictured above) and Para One, their standard of quality comes as no surprise. In fact, those two artists have just released a new single, Pulsar, in honor of their upcoming EP of the same name. Pulsar is a delightful [...]
Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar (Original Mix) [Marble]
Marble Players - Marble Anthem (Original Mix) [Marble]
Marble Players - Playground (Original Mix) [Marble]