Remember that livestream with Machinima and Mord Fustang we did a couple of months ago on Twitch where we discussed his new album 9999 In 1, deconstructed a track with him, then Mord played Halo with Le Castle Vania and Cole Plante? We finally have the recap video! Watch below, and take a listen to his never-before-heard album mixtape [...]
Mord Fustang - 9999 In 1 Mixtape
In anticipation of his video game-inspired debut album 9999 In 1, Mord Fustang has teamed up with us and Machinima–a popular online programming service for fandom and gamer culture–for Plugged In With Mord Fustang. On Wednesday, Nov. 12, fans will be able to go to and tune into a live-streaming event with Mord, as he [...]
Mord Fustang - Drivel (Original Mix) [Magic Trooper]