Lovers of pure, sexy house music everywhere are obsessing over Maya Jane Coles’ newest release for the DJ-Kicks compilation series. Coles, who broke out on the scene last year, has enjoyed a nonstop rise to stardom in the EDM realm, and this latest entry demonstrates just why she’s gotten so much attention. Maya’s selection is [...]
Kiki & Marco Resmann - Beggin' For The Heat (Original Mix) [!K7]
Urulu - No Need (Original Mix) [!K7]
Chasing Kurt - Money (Original Mix) [!K7]
Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening (Original Mix) [!K7]
Nocturnal Sunshine - Meant To Be (Original Mix) [!K7]
Adana Twins - Strange (Original Mix) [!K7]
Rinse FM has long been one of London’s most essential underground stations, and as a former host of their Grimey Breakfast Show, Leon Smart knows the UK bass scene like the back of his hand. On the back of a string of well-received 12″s under the alias Scratcha DVA, he drops his first LP Pretty Ugly operating simply as DVA . A couple of [...]
DVA feat Fatima - Just Vybe (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
DVA - Bare Fuzz (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
DVA feat Cornelia - Pretty Ugly (Original Mix) [Hyperdub]
In a world where techno is increasingly tending towards the abstract sonic sculptures made hip by the likes of Lucy and Xhin, it’s people like London’s Ashley Burchett who keep us grounded. Hardly prolific, releasing on average just two original tracks per year since 2009, Burchett’s releases as Phase rarely stray from the blueprint of [...]
Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 1) [Token]
Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 2) [Token]
Time for some clued-up dubstep futurism courtesy of Transition Studios’ sound-engineer and producer LD. 2010 was a big year for London’s Leon Day, with a string of fierce 12″s for the likes of Dub Police and Ringo Recordings. Now he’s back on Ringo for his first release of 2011, accompanied for a third time by Cluekid as well as bass [...]
LD & Cluekid - Guerrilla Warfare (Original Mix) [Ringo]
LD & Benga - 3 Phase (Original Mix) [Ringo]
LD & Benga - Yes Yes (Original Mix) [Ringo]
Ghostpoet’s Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam is one of those rare debut albums that manages to simultaneously sound startlingly accomplished and intensely unique. He has been heralded as the savior of any number of genres ,from British hip hop to trip hop and pop, and the wave of critical acclaim earned him a Mercury Prize nomination [...]
Ghostpoet - Liiines (xxxy Remix) [Brownswood]
Ghostpoet - Liiines (Lando Kal Remix) [Brownswood]
Ghostpoet - Survive It (Original Mix) [Brownswood]
Ever since the above picture emerged speculation has, been rife as to just who was the creator of Sicko Cell, a crunching 808-driven banger dropped at shows by Loefah, Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound, and many others, always credited anonymously. The photo was posted on the Tumblr of Loefah’s label Swamp81 over six months ago and shows the [...]
Joy Orbison - Sicko Cell [Swamp81]
Joy Orbison - Knock Knock [Swamp81]
One of the most relentless dubstep duos the world has ever been confronted with, 16Bit truly has no mercy. A London tag team made up of Eddie Jefferys and Jason Morrison, they transformed the dark and experimental Surge by Brazil’s Amon Tobin into a gut-wrenching riot starter. Initiating with deep breaks and strings, the beat collapses [...]
Amon Tobin - Surge (16Bit Remix) [Ninja Tune]
16bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Original Mix) [Boka]
With names like Porter Robinson, Feed Me, and Skrillex leading the new electro charge, it may seem there isn’t too much room, talent-wise, for new names to squeeze in. However, that just means that whoever gets in is fan-freaking-tastic. Ladies and gentlemen, meet a duo who refuse to stay unknown: The Loops of Fury. Taking their name [...]
The Loops Of Fury - I Need (Original Mix) [U&A]
Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops of Fury Remix) [Death Proof]
Hotflush head honcho Paul Rose aka Scuba is a man of many monikers and exceptional talent. Those of you with elephantine memories may recall his only previous release as Spectr, Red Hot–a booming, dubby opus that paved the way for his journey through UK electronic music back in 2003. For years he was at the forefront of London dubstep [...]
Spectr - Dance 4 Me (Original Mix) [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Spectr - I Know (Original Mix) [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Objekt is the moniker of TJ Hertz, simultaneously one of the most elusive and most exciting new artists to emerge this year. He may have only released four tracks to date, but they have all been utterly gripping, from the fierce off-kilter techno of CLK Recovery to the thick, black menace of Tinderbox. With just these two EPs he has [...]
Objekt - CLK Recovery (Original Mix)
Objekt - Tinderbox (Original Mix)
Objekt - Unglued (Original Mix)
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