Ever hear 100,000 watt speakers in your life before? Even better, have you ever felt 100K watts of dirty, rumbling bass shake an entire ballroom? Well, neither had I until this past week, when I attended Excision’s San Francisco stop on the X Tour. Excision has been nothing but a tour-de-force in the dubstep world, pioneering and leading [...]
Krome & Time - The Licence (Doctor P Remix) [Streetlife]
Sometimes you get the urge to listen to something contemplative; something deep and unnerving, yet somehow uplifting. When I get that urge, I usually look no further than the mellow indie-pop of Scandinavia along the lines of Royksopp, Bjork, or Kettle. It wasn’t till I was doing research for this writeup that I found out that Liquid [...]
Liquid Stranger - Beacon [Interchill]
Liquid Stranger - Minimum [Interchill]
Liquid Stranger - Far & Beyond [Interchill]