Remember LEVI? No, not the denim manufacturer; I’m talking about the previously unheralded Frenchman that dropped the best deadmau5 remix of the year. Well, he’s back with his newest original production, Migraine, and he’s also here to set the record straight. “Migraine was an idea that just sort of came to me after the whole fiasco with [...]
LEVI - Migraine (Original Mix)
deadmau5 broke our collective hearts last week when he announced he was leaving Twitter. On top of that, he removed the majority of his SoundCloud uploads, including a work in progress titled Drop The Poptart, which was shaping up to be one of his finest efforts. Thankfully, a relatively unknown French producer by the name of LEVI has [...]
Deadmau5 - Drop The Poptart (LEVI Bootleg)