When the market is in turmoil, you succeed by going upscale, not downscale. You don’t get down into the pit, you rise above it – Bob Lefsetz When we started LessThan3 back in 2010, it was nothing more than a few nouveau-ravers, birthed from the uprise in dance music’s popularity in the US, who wanted to share their favorite electronic [...]
Anonymous producer Sharkoffs followed up last month’s melodic stomper, Beast Mode, with Bossa Nova Soul today, a fidget electro-inspired ragefest destined for dark and sweaty dancefloor annihilation. Both attitude-filled and catchy, well mixed drums are essential for this brand of electro, and Bossa Nova Soul packs a serious punch in [...]
Label newcomer Sharkoffs makes a big splash with his debut track on LessThan3 Recordings, a melodic stomper by the name of Beast Mode. The tune is in your face from start to finish, as the name might suggest. Rafter-rattling percussion and an attention-commanding lead in the drops make the track larger than life, but where Beast Mode [...]
Sharkoffs - Beast Mode (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Shapes of Light turns it up a few notches for their latest release on LessThan3 Recordings, an acid monster by the name of Get Some. Kinetic and unapologetically raging, Get Some thrives as a festival jaw-dropper. Sexy vocal samples add the perfect touch of attitude to complement the track’s slamming approach. Like what you hear? Grab [...]
Shapes of Light - Get Some (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Earlier this year LessThan3 Recordings launched our YouTube channel alongside Swiss producer Luckner‘s debut single, Time, a hook-driven house tune that instantly defined the Swiss native as one of my favorite up and coming songwriters in dance music. We recently linked up with Luckner again, this time to release Run, an ’80s inspired [...]
Luckner - Run (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Italian duo Fire Flowerz is one of those groups that you hear and immediately wonder how you haven’t stumbled across them before. They understand their sound and their niche, which is an underrated perspective for young artists, and they’ve spent time refining it into something to be proud of. With that being said, we’re honored to drop [...]
Fire Flowerz - Rockin' Stance (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
It’s a big week over here at LessThan3 Recordings as we’ve teamed up with Missouri native Jonathan Kane aka Shreddie Mercury to bring you his latest and greatest, a tune by the name of We Go. Shreddie’s tracks always have a focus on a strong melody and a musical composition that evolve both naturally and gratifyingly, but it seems like [...]
Shreddie Mercury - We Go (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
LessThan3 Recordings is proud to announce our forthcoming release, We Go, a riff-laden electro house track from rising producer Shreddie Mercury. The tune drops on Beatport on Aug. 22 so keep your ears peeled for this melodic thumper. If you like what you hear or are a long-time Shred-head, checkout Shreddie’s upcoming tour dates as the [...]
Australian prog. house trio Third District made their debut release on LessThan3 Recordings today with the summery but not overly ethereal Ocean Drive. The group respectfully passes on the current trend of maximal, big room progressive, returning to the genre’s roots with lingering piano chords complemented by a guitar-laden melody to [...]
Third District - Ocean Drive (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
A four-minute monster movie is what you’ll find in Shapes of Light’s newest track, Super 8. Their style often pushes the norm in dance music, but this is without a doubt their most experimental showing yet. The tune is vastly dark with glimpses of lighter tones, resulting in a very clean and visual total package, and sonic elements of [...]
Shapes of Light - Super 8 [LessThan3]
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