John Roman freshens up the saturated electro house scene with a healthy serving of tech-influenced electro tracks in his 2012 EP, Infrared. The title track falls as a relentless club rager, sporting a bassline that just learned to talk atop a unique percussive beat that diplays John’s techno background. The vocal sample is repetitive, [...]
John Roman - Infrared (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
John Roman - Down (The Drain) (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
John Roman - T.G.S. (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
LessThan3 has decided to turn up the volume in Los Angeles with an exciting new event and we’d like to invite all of our friends around LA to join us. On Thursday, July 26th, the ultra-lavish Belasco Theater will be a spectacle of lights, music, and dance as we launch LA’s most vivacious EDM party: AMPLIFIED. Co-presented with our [...]
Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth - Alive (Lucky Date Bootleg)
Lucky Date - Six 16 (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Mightyfools - Get Down (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
As Phange previously noted, The Loops of Fury have, in a short amount of time, proven themselves among electro’s leading disrupters. While the boys of Brisbane may not have Porter’s 86,000 Facebook “Likes”, they’ve got more than a few tracks up their sleeve that have received plenty of electro love on Beatport (and chances are they’ll [...]
Elite Force - Be Strong (The Loops of Fury Remix) [U&A]
Sound Of Stereo - Diamond (The Loops of Fury Remix) [Lektroluv]
After building much anticipation and garnering support from everybody from Markus Schulz to Sound of Stereo, Mightyfools finally released their latest Thunderbad EP, proving once again that their eclectic brand of house is both unpredictable and something you’ve gotta be dancing to. The true star on this release has got to be Drop the [...]
Mightyfools - Elvissa (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
Dillon Francis - Fiyah (Mightyfools Remix) [Top Billin]
Mightyfools - Drop the Beast (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
House rockers Mightyfools are finally back with new material. Known for their crazy mix of house, disco, electro, and rock n’ roll, the Dutch duo have made a name for themselves releasing party-perfect productions that are catchy and fun. World Tour, their latest release, definitely retains that feel, although I’m currently favoring the [...]
Mightyfools - World Tour (TJR Remix) [Lektroluv]
Mightyfools - Addict (Original Mix) [Venga Digital]
Mightyfools - World Tour (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
Belgian group The Subs definitely do things their own way, having cited Daft Punk, Underworld, and The Chemical Brothers-style artist albums as influences. Constantly reinventing themselves as they explore new sonic territory, the group has brought many memorable tracks to our lives. With their new single, The Face of the Planet from [...]
The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Ado's Scratch & Snuff Mix) [Lektroluv]
The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Style of Eye Remix) [Lektroluv]