To follow up on his Angeles remix from 2012, Le Youth (pictured) takes on another Goldroom hit, this time remixing Embrace featuring the vocals of George Maple. Obviously no strangers to each others’ work, and having played some B2B sets together, this Embrace remix seems not only inevitable, but an ideal snapshot of these LA producers’ [...]
Welcome to Disco Diaries: Labor Day Edition, a groovy selection that aims to inspire feelings of everything but labor. Whether you’re living it up at a pool party or indulging in a serious Netflix binge, the following tunes are a necessary addition to today’s agenda. Kraak & Smaak feat. Keyhole – All I Want Is You (Xinobi Remix) When [...]
Le Youth paid homage to ’90s R&B with his hit TOUCH, and now fans can hear the track in euphoric house form thanks to a smooth remix from JackLNDN (pictured). Busy with a hefty tour schedule including several festival appearances, JackLNDN has still managed to dish out plenty of new music in 2015. Featuring a light, sun-splashed beat and [...]
Le Youth - TOUCH (JackLNDN Remix)
First came C O O L, then we got R E A L, and now the king of all things suave Le Youth is back with T O U C H, the latest in a string of R&B-infused dance tracks. Wes “Le Youth” James opts for pitched-down vocals from Mary J. Blige’s I Am, chopping them up and laying them within a bouncy, uptempo beat. Piercing keyboard notes and funky [...]
In their first production of the year, LA’s Bixel Boys have released their deep house-inspired remix of Le Youth’s R E A L, and it’s a heater. The duo is well known for their bouncy bass lines and upbeat deep house vibes, and they’ve done a great job staying true to this sound in their latest remix. They’ve expertly chopped up the [...]
As one of electronic music’s leading advocates of the ‘90s throwback sound, Le Youth continues to take retro sampling into freshly modern territory. We caught up with him before his show in Orange County to talk about his unwavering love of R&B, breaking into the world of DJing, and his plans to sing on his next record.
When it comes to track titles, Le Youth likes to keep many of his to a short four letters. Following Girl and his breakout hit C O O L, he is back and sampling Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down for his latest four-lettered track, R E A L. Released earlier today via his SoundCloud, Le Youth takes this R&B classic and pitches Brandy’s vocals down [...]
When king of cool Le Youth lends his suave touch to a track, the outcome is always fabulous. When the track in question involves R. Kelly, the result is the sexiest combination of R&B and dance imaginable, as proven by his new spin on Bump & Grind. The original track’s nostalgic chorus remains, but Le Youth reworks nearly every other [...]
RAC (pictured) got the summer going with his feel-good anthem Cheap Sunglasses, and now he’s enlisted the help of a few friends to help him finish it off right with the release of the track’s remix EP. Amtrac transforms the track into a fiery deep house tune in his remix, adding an energetic bassline and looping vocals to change the [...]
RAC feat. Matthew Koma - Cheap Sunglasses (AMTRAC Remix) [Interscope]
RAC feat. Matthew Koma - Cheap Sunglasses (Viceroy Remix) [Interscope]
RAC feat. Matthew Koma - Cheap Sunglasses (Le Youth Remix) [Interscope]
Everything RAC touches turns to pure indie gold, and his latest remix of Le Youth’s banger Feel Your Love is no different. Portuguese producer Remix Artist Collective (more affectionately known as RAC now that the project isn’t really a ‘collective’ anymore) brings the easy summertimes vibes to ’90s throwback king Le Youth’s original [...]
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