The latest and greatest in future house has arrived, courtesy of Kulkid and Cory Enemy in their collaborative new track The Light. The tune blends the energetic beats of veteran producer Cory Enemy (pictured right) with the more melodic vibes of French artist KulKid to create a deep, club-ready sound that explores the best of these two [...]
Kulkid X Cory Enemy - The Light (Original Mix)
Thomas “Kulkid” Ouf has had a busy year. Cashing in on the cred he’s accumulated by delightfully warping and skewing tunes from far outside of the electronic realm, the French young blood follows his first original track with Have I Ever Told U, quite possibly his best work to date. Kulkid introduces his tune with a Caribbean steel drum [...]
Kulkid - Have I Ever Told U (Original Mix)