The god of glitch, aka Kraddy, just dropped his brand new full length, Anthems of the Hero. As if you didn’t expect it already, the album drops a serious punch. But this isn’t your typical grimey set of big room beats that you’d expect from Kraddy. Well, it is, but with a twist–every track on here was inspired from ’70s rock and [...]
Kraddy - The Holy Avenger
Kraddy - Iron Man
Kraddy - Operation Prometheus
Matthew Kratz, known in the EDM community as Kraddy, is an impressive solo breakaway from popular dub/glitch hop group Glitch Mob. His new EP Labryinth shows off some impressive talent from this Mobster. Hands down, the most notable track on the EP would have to be Into The Labryinth. It’s a dark, twisted tune that delivers with an [...]
Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth [Minotaur]
Kraddy - Let Go [Minotaur]
It seems like almost every day I find a new artist that grabs my attention. However, It’s not so often that I find a DJ that finds a way to throw a piece of nitrogen in the water and cause a huge explosion. Today I bring you one such demolition man. Kraddy hails from Venice Beach, California, and like any good Californian, he enjoys the [...]
Kraddy - Android Porn [Glitch Mob Unlimited]
Kraddy - No Comply [Minotaur]