2011 was a huge year for Keysound. Despite having previously played host to material from heavyweights Skream and Starkey, they had struggled to establish themselves as a truly elite bass imprint. Last year that all changed. Their release schedule grew from a trickle to a steady stream, and music like LHF’s EP series and that brilliant [...]
Dusk - Fraction (Original Mix) [Keysound]
Dusk - Fraction (Kowton Remix) [Keysound]
Kowton - Looking At You (Original Mix) [Keysound]
Project Squared, the London-based offshoot of Berlin dub techno label Project Mooncircle, have set about diversifying their UK talent with an untitled 12″s featuring tracks from Bristol hotshot Kowton and Manchester’s Tom Dicicco (pictured). Opening with Dicocco’s unnamed dub tech crawler, the flip sees both producers reimagining each [...]
Tom Dicicco - Untitled (Original Mix) [Project Squared]
Kowton - Untitled (Original Mix) [Project Squared]
Tom Dicicco - Untitled (Kowton Remix) [Project Squared]
Bristol has always been home to one of the most vibrant and cutting edge music scenes in the UK, due in no small part to its huge West Indian population whose love of reggae and dub has influenced music trends in the city since the mid ’70s. After the decline of the ’90s attention wandered, and it wasn’t until the birth of dubstep in [...]
Kowton - Keep Walking (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch]
Kowton - Show Me (Original Mix) [Naked Lunch]