Few acts in electronic music are as unique as bass music live trio Destroid, made up of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka of Pendulum. In our exclusive interview with them, the boys discussed how they handle their heavy costumes, the capabilities of their live technology, and what bass music producers need to do to stay relevant.
Excision & Space Laces - Destroid 7 Bounce (VIP Mix) [Destroid]
VIEW OUR ENTIRE PHOTO ALBUM HERE. A small army of bass heads gathered at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on May 31 to be among the first to witness electronic music’s newest and heaviest supergoup, Destroid. The mass of impatient fans lurched back and forth in anticipation, mimicking the movement of the familiar logo swaying [...]
Excision feat. Messinian - Destroid 4 Flip The Switch (Original Mix) [Destroid Music]
Excision, Downlink & Space Laces - Destroid 1 Raise Your Fist (Original Mix) [Destroid Music]
Excision & Far Too Loud - Destroid 8 Annihilate (Original Mix) [Destroid Music]
Coinciding with the release of his highly anticipated Shambhala 2012 Mix, Excision has just unveiled his three-year project to create a live dubstep band named Destroid with fellow basshead Downlink and drummer KJ Sawka. With an accompanying comic book series at destroid.com and a sci-fi movie style trailer (watch below), Excision is [...]
Cassius - I Love You So (Schoolboy Remix)
Excision & Downlink - Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix) [Rottun]
Mark Instinct - Goliath (Original Mix)
This weekend at Rock & Roll Resort’s Psybient Soiree at Kutsher’s in the Catskills, I got a chance to catch up with EDM’s favored drummer-legend, Kevin (KJ) Sawka. KJ is probably best known for the part he played in Pendulum, where he’s run the drums for the past few years. Right now, Sawka is touring with a couple of the boys from the [...]
KJ Sawka feat LaMeduza - Repeating Cycles (Original Mix)
KJ Sawka feat LaMeduza - Run & Hide (Original Mix)