I have been to many a Girls & Boys event at Webster Hall NYC, as the party has become a mainstay for the New York electro/dubstep scene. However, last night was the most impressed I have been by any set I have heard during this party’s massively successful stint, thanks to the 21 year-old musical prodigy from Leeds known as Gemini. But [...]
Skrillex - Kill Everybody (KOAN Sound Remix)
Gemini - Graduation (Original Mix) [Inspected]
First came The Third Twin, now there’s a new EDM mystery in town. Last weekend, an unknown YouTube user by the name of Metropoganda posted a video titled Trust in the ‘M’ Machine (see below). Therein was the heaviest electro the world has ever heard, along with visuals that would make you sh*t yourself. Looks like the EDM world is in [...]
Pance Party - Fun Factory (Original Mix) [NOIZE]
Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Porter Robinson - I'm On Fire (Original Mix) [Big Fish]