The UK’s enigmatic producer Burial follows up on his November release with another single, Temple Sleeper, this time on Keysound Recordings. His latest tense, brooding soundscape serves as his return to Keysound after taking an eight-year leave that dates back to his remix of Blackdown’s Crackle Blues, originally released in 2006 and [...]
2011 was a huge year for Keysound. Despite having previously played host to material from heavyweights Skream and Starkey, they had struggled to establish themselves as a truly elite bass imprint. Last year that all changed. Their release schedule grew from a trickle to a steady stream, and music like LHF’s EP series and that brilliant [...]
Dusk - Fraction (Original Mix) [Keysound]
Dusk - Fraction (Kowton Remix) [Keysound]
Kowton - Looking At You (Original Mix) [Keysound]
There are so many ideas and motivations involved in the making of music. The success of a track largely depends on the talent of its creator at crystallizing those elements and infusing the music with them. LV (pictured) and Joshua Idehen‘s Album Routes is one of those rare releases that is absolutely in sync with the time and place of [...]
LV & Joshua Idehen - Melt [Keysound]
LV & Joshua Idehen - Murkish Delights [Keysound]
LV & Joshua Idehen - Northern Line [Keysound]